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Kids of the Wild West

Gunslingers and gold on a family day out

About the Children’s Play


The Smith family are having a fun day out at Barnum’s Theme Park, but when there’s a mix-up with the Time Machine, they find themselves whisked back into the days of cowboys and gunslingers – the Wild West!

Back in the 1840s Grandpa Smith had struck gold in the little frontier town of Beyond, but no one knows where he hid it. Ma, Pa and the kids are confident they’ll find it – Jake has even brought his metal detector – but out at the O.K. Ranch Mexican Pete and his gang have the same idea. They’ll stop at nothing to get that gold and they’re more than a match for poor old Pa, who’s not much good with a gun. But at the final shoot-out in the Golden Nugget Saloon the kids go into action and their twentieth-century gadgets come in mighty handy!

With chases, disguises and ‘Western’ songs this is a fun-filled adventure for 5-12 year old children.


The play was first produced at the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, London, in the summer of 1996.


Kids of the Wild West was co-written by David Conville and David Gooderson.

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First Production, Regent’s Park

Leaflet front, play for children 'Kids of the Wild West'Leaflet back, play for children 'Kids of the Wild West'

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