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The Mona Lisa Mystery

Cops, crooks, disguises on a school trip to Paris

About the Children’s Play


A school trip to Paris! What a laugh! – especially when Avril insists on taking her bottle of Tomato Ketchup wherever she goes! But soon Morgan notices some odd goings-on.

Has the bearded man in the black Citroen followed them all the way from England? And why is the strange doctor so interested in Miss Parker, their new French teacher? And on their first night in the hotel, did Jessica really see a ghost?

When they get to the Louvre the action really hots up as Morgan and his mates try desperately to stop thieves stealing the famous “Mona Lisa”.


First produced at the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, London, in 1993, this stage play for children was even more successful than The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy. The first amateur production was at Wimbledon High School in 1999.


The Mona Lisa Mystery was adapted by David Conville and David Gooderson from the children’s story by Pat Hutchins.

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First Production, Regent’s Park

Leaflet front, play for children 'The Mona Lisa Mystery'Leaflet back, play for children 'The Mona Lisa Mystery'

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