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Stage play about a teenage refugee–suitable for school/youth production (Cast of 22. Length: 60 minutes.)

About the Children’s Play


The play tells the true story of Andreas Frohlich, a teenage refugee who was forced to flee from Nazi Germany. Despite the efforts of his parents to find him sanctuary first in England and then in Holland, he becomes a victim of the Holocaust.

The play explores the rise of anti-semitism (from seemingly innocuous beginnings) and dramatizes the events of Andreas’ short life and his imprisonment in the brutal Mauthausen concentration camp. It shows how his gift for friendship ultimately results in his parents and sister surviving the Holocaust.

So there is light at the end of this dark story.


The play was commissioned by St Edmund’s College, Ware, and first performed there in November 2016.

Audience Comments

Quarry makes Andreas a real person rather than a statistic of the Holocaust.

It was very powerful and moving, made even more so by the simplicity of the surroundings and the minimum of scenery.


Quarry was written by David Gooderson.


The play is based on interviews with Andreas’ family and extensive research into the background of the period.

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First Production, St Edmund’s College

A scene from the trial of Andreas Frohlich, Sabine Frohlich centre stage with her father and mother in the background A scene showing Andreas Frohlich and 3 fellow prisoners, seated, wearing the Mauthausen concentration camp's striking prison uniform (with prominent vertical stripes, and matching cap)

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Performing Rights

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