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The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy

Murder and mayhem on a Cub-Scouts' camping trip

About the Children’s Play


The 15th Hampstead Cub Scouts are looking forward to their weekend in the country, but before they even reach the campsite strange things start to happen. A body, victim of a deadly snake bite is found in the village nearby, and on the very first evening their tents are ransacked! Is it the stranger who later pushes Albert into the river? Then there are the mysterious guests up at the big house…

What exactly is the Curse of the Egyptian Mummy?


The first professional production of this stage play for children was at the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, London in 1992. There have been a number of amateur productions by schools, including the Pilgrims’ School, Winchester in 1991.

Play Script

The play script of the play was published by Samuel French Ltd. in 1993 (copies available from Samuel French and Amazon).


The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy was adapted by David Conville and David Gooderson from the children’s story by Pat Hutchins.

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First Production, Regent’s Park

Leaflet front, play for children 'The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy'Leaflet back, play for children 'The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy'

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Performing Rights

For all enquiries about performing rights for Professional Productions, contact David’s Literary Agent:

Mike Sharland at The Sharland Organisation via…

For all enquiries about performing rights for Amateur Productions, contact Samuel French Ltd at 52 Fitzroy Street, London W1P 6JR, UK.

No public performance of this play can be given unless a licence is obtained before rehearsals begin.